Shoreditch Grind

It’s been a long, long time since I reviewed a burger on this blog. Given the name, that’s a situation I have been wanting to address for a while. Expect a veritable avalanche of burger reviews in the coming months.

For now, a bite – sized review for a between-gigs pitstop.

I needed somewhere to grab a coffee. I am very reluctant to give my money to the big coffee chains, but few independent outlets are open at the time I found myself in this predicament – about 9pm.

Google maps directed me to Shoreditch Grind, and I do rate the coffee here highly – here’s my very pretty flat white.


Then I realised that they might be able to feed me, and as luck would have it the kitchen was still open (just)

I ordered the cheeseburger (£12.50) with bacon (£2 extra), which comes with skin-on fries included. At point of ordering they asked what condiments I wanted – amazing how many places don’t do this simple thing, that makes such logistical sense. Always annoying to have your food, and then the condiments arrived when you are already halfway through.


The burger came pretty quickly despite the place being packed, and looked decent – two smallish patties and plenty of melting American cheese. The bacon… £2 for that is a joke, and it was practically the texture of frazzles. The fries look great, and it was a pretty generous portion.

Picking up the sandwich, I immediately suspected something. And on taking a bite – yep. Stale bun. Disappointing that something a simple as that could happen with a not-cheap burger. As to the contents – actually very good, despite being quite thin patties, they were done just right, pink in the middle. The cheese, mayo, pickles, and I think crispy onion, made for a good, balanced burger, although as I said, the bacon was a pretty worthless addition really.


I really liked the fries – I’m a fan of this kind of skin on style, and these were done to perfection, and seasoned just right. Big plus points for that. The ketchup was cold – presumably straight out of the fridge. Not a fan of that myself, I don’t refrigerate my ketchup at home. Never have, even though it advises to do so on the bottle, and I’ve not died yet so it can’t be too big an issue.


All in all, a mixed bag. Probably better than I expected on ordering in what is essentially a cafe, but some basics that really let it down. A stale bun is a proper clanger (if I wasn’t in a hurry I’d have sent it back for that), and £2 for that amount of bacon is insulting, before to even look at the quality of it, which was not great.

I’d eat here again in a pinch, and cautiously recommend to a friend, as I suspect I was just a little unlucky with the bun. And the coffee was top notch as always.


Snack Attack, Vol 6

Walkers Bacon & Heinz Tomato Ketchup flavour crisps 

The main take home I got from these crisps, and a few of this other limited edition range of sandwich-combo based flavours, is that whoever is in charge of tasting at Walkers is rubbish at tasting.

Ketchup… Maybe. Like, Iceland own-brand vinegary stuff (I’m not even sure that exists tbh), the sort of shit you convince yourself is ok when you are a student and can’t afford Heinz, or even Daddies.

But bacon? Where? There’s a musty undertone to the aroma, is that supposed to be smoked bacon? Or socks? Brined and smoked socks maybe?

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of regular Walkers crisps as a rule – I don’t enjoy the texture (while not being offended by it), and the only flavour I’ve had which tickles my fancy is the marmite ones – the classic flavours don’t do it for me, and these ones… Yikes. I’ve also sampled the salad cream/cucumber and chicken/mayonnaise oriented flavours in this limited edition range, I doubt I’ll go out of my way to locate the other 3… Might review those, but not sure I want to relive the dubious experiences tbh.

These are rubbish unless you like the taste of terrible tomato ketchup. I’m assuming that Heinz paid to have their logo featured – quite why is beyond me, as these are a terrible advert for their industry standard ketchup.