Mixtape Monday, Vol 33

The Birdhouse 081 – Horse Meat Disco

Any self-respecting London-based disco dancer knows about Horse Meat Disco. But I have to say, I was a little surprised, pleasantly so, to see them pop up on the Birdhouse podcast.

Regular readers will be familiar with this podcast by now, as I’ve posted several editions of the Claude Vonstroke’s Birdhouse here, and normally its very much at the bass-heavy tech end of the spectrum, whereas HMD are very much more towards the old skool disco end of things.

But you know what, they are both awesome, so why shouldn’t they be together? And this is an awesome mix, a wonderfully eclectic journey through dance music, from the lengthy edits of well known dance-pop standards through to straight out weird, wonky underground dancefloor stuff.

Taken from a live recording of a Birdhouse Stage at a recent show, this is a brilliantly enjoyable and danceable hour.

Mixtape Monday, Vol 30

Midland Essential Mix – 20/02/2016


I’m a little late to the party on this one, and only really because it won Essential Mix of the year, it had somehow completely passed me by! But I got there in the end, and that’s what matters.

Midland has been on my radar for a long time, with a good few purchases of his stuff back around 2011 or thereabouts, but in the last year or two he really seems to have gone up a gear or two in both his production and DJing. Given that he was already miles ahead of most of the competition, that has propelled him to the very front of the pack.

This is a simply superb two hours of thoughtful, moving, brilliant dance music, largely (but not exclusively) drawing on house, techno and disco, the kind of mix the renews your faith in a world that is continually being debased by those who wish reduce it to the lowest common denominator and neatly package it to be sold to the masses. I can’t recommend it highly enough. He’s also well worth a follow over on Twitter.

Mixtape Monday, Vol 23

Solid Steel Radio Show – 29/07/2016 – DK

This is an absolutely masterful mix of all manner of electronic music, on one of the great music podcasts, by one of the great underground DJs, DK. I don’t have a lot to add really, other than that I have had this on repeat for days, absolutely superb mix

Mixtape Monday, Vol 22

Beats In Space 847 – Marcus Marr

It’s still Monday somewhere! I’ve been a bit sloppy with my Monday posts, but this week I’m just outside the right timezone for this to be legit – my excuse, it was my birthday today!

Anyway, to the music. Marcus Marr is someone I’ve long been a fan of, thanks to his superb disco-tinged productions, especially this cracker.

The mix here is superb. I have this habit of screencapping mixes while I’m listening to them so that a couple of times a week I can go and buy the tracks that stood out for me in the music I’ve been listening to. Most mixes you might get 1 or 2, but this mix clocked in at a hefty 7 screencaps! So get your ear’oles round this bad boy, it really is excellent.

Mixtape Monday, Vol 17

Solid Steel Radio – Lone

Lone has emerged as one of the most consistenly brilliant, exciting and prolific producers in recent years. The creation of Matt Cutler, he first came into my sphere of knowledge as one half of Kids In Tracksuits, who played regularly around my old stamping ground of Nottingham.

This mix brilliantly straddles home listening and something for the club, I’ve already given it 3 listens and I suspect it will get many more in the years to come! Enjoy.

Mixtape Monday, Vol 14

David Morales – Live at The Haçienda 11th Birthday Party, Manchester, 1993

After the 8th Birthday Party in 1990

I’ve mentioned the influence of my brothers on my musical tastes in posts on this blog before, and this mix is a great example of what I am talking about. My eldest brother was at Manchester University in the heyday of The Haçienda, Manchester’s legendary nightclub and in many ways the spiritual home of the Acid House movement. One of the nights he attended was this 11th birthday party, with US house legend David Morales amongst the DJs playing – this T-Shirt commemorating the impressive line-up!


I’ll simply borrow the words of my brother’s description over on Soundcloud…

This is a digitised copy of a tape I picked up in 1993, when David Morales played at the Hacienda 11th birthday party. I was actually there that night, Morales played in the basement (not usually open at the Hac) from 4-6am, while Frankie Knuckles played in the main room.


Stripped to the waist, wearing a skull cap & tattooed muscles, Morales played street tough New York City house music, and there’s lessons in here for modern DJs. I know this mix off by heart, and re-listening to it 21 years later, I can say it’s still fresh.


This particular night at The Hacienda has gone down in legend – for the wrong reasons. The club was full of local gangsters, taking watches from wrists and starting fights. These were the ‘gunchester’ days, you had to keep your head down.


Listen to the mix – at the end the record abruptly ends, starts again and then ends. This was when Morales was being mugged by a pack of ‘scallies’ – I myself witnessed them hit him on the head with a glass, lean over the decks and take his vinyl.


This episode was written up in Peter Hook’s excellent book – ‘How Not To Run A Club’. Apparently after the incident Morales said “you don’t pay me enough to bleed”….


Luckily you can now enjoy from the safety of your own home!!


Rave on 🙂