Beats & Burgers is a blog for food and music reviews, and then various observations about life and the world at large, brought to you by me, Will Kirby, aka Santero. I’ve been playing and making music for a living for most of the 21st Century so far, with stints as UK Red Bull The3style Champion and Ministry of Sound resident in there along the way. In recent years I’ve spent far too long on social media (as someone coined it “social notworking”), and a good few people over time said I should put my bigger pieces on a blog rather than Facebook, so here we are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I make no pretence to being an “expert” when it comes to my food reviews – I like what I like, and can only assess it within my sphere of knowledge. And really this is an attitude I try to extend to everything – the whole “every day’s a school day ” idea is something everyone should try to keep at the forefront of their minds before casting judgement on things.

I aim to be honest, impartial and entertaining with what I write about here. Where there is a potential conflict of interest I’ll let you know so you can make your own minds up about whether to trust me! Please feel free to comment, make suggestions of music to listen to, gigs to go to, food to eat, and send me pictures of stuff that looks like people.

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