Snack Attack, Vol 7

Hip Pops – Sweet Chilli Flavour

Well, I’ve fallen behind somewhat in these reviews, but one that is in the offing is the Barbecue Popchips. However, it has been gazumped by these curiosities that I picked up in a greengrocer in Bethnal Green.


I was obviously drawn by the puntastic name, and the very reasonable price and low calorie count didn’t hurt either. These are one of the new breed of “popped” crisps that have started to appear on the market, a pleasingly crunchy style that is apparently relatively low in fat or something. These are more than half soy, and contain a pretty impressive 17.5% protein as a result. And they only have about 2/3 of the calories of Walkers Ready Salted or Doritos Tangy Cheese. So, while not a health food, that’s actually a lot better if you do need a snack to keep you going in terms of your waistline. They are very high in salt though.


Anyway, to the item in question. Nobody is buying these to be healthy, they are buying them to be a tasty salty snack. And they deliver, more or less. They are not as good as Popchips, although I didn’t A/B them. They seemed a tiny bit thinner, and the flavour of these was a timid attempt at sweet chilli – not even close to the God-level seasoning on the Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps that are very much the Leo Messi of the crisp world – been around for ages, still going strong, hard to pick a fault with. But these were a decent little snack, and a bargain at 59p. I’d personally have liked a touch more flavouring, and that flavouring to have a touch more heat.


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