Snack Attack, Vol 5

Boots Shapers – Rendand Curry Flavour Cracker

These were the result of an inexplicable en-route-to-work-hunger-pang-sick-feeling moment. They buried the hunger nausea, but frankly they produced a slightly sickly feeling of their own.

I’m always a little sceptical of flavours like this, but for the sake of Snack Attack I went in for this one as the most interesting option available. Do they taste of Rendang curry? I’m not an expert, but I’d guess they taste like a pair of socks do if they’ve been put in the wash with a jar of Asda own-brand Rendang curry sauce. The crackers themselves are disappointingly un-cracky – more stale rice cake than Popchip (which will be reviewed soon!).

The mention of curry did bring hope for heat. I was disappointed. Maybe a 0.5/10 on the spicy scale.

I’m being a bit melodramatic here maybe, they aren’t terrible. But they certainly aren’t good. The tapioca flour-based crackers clagged up in my teeth without even the satisfaction of leaving little flavour-bombs behind. Seemingly low calorie, but it’s only a 20g packet, which cost 65p if memory serves. I may not have mentioned it, but Space Raiders were just 20p (!!!) For the same size portion. So that’s another reason for disappointment, in a generally disappointing episode.


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