Snack Attack, Vol 3

Pipers Crisp Co – Kirkby Malham Chorizo

File 13-08-2016, 13 24 43.jpeg

I clocked these in the cafeteria at the National Portrait Gallery on a day out with my mum, and had to sample them.

The crisps themselves are strangely scentless; even when I bury my nose into the packet, its only a very gentle whiff of a vaguely meat-esque flavouring. And at first bite, while delighted by the excellent crunch of the crisp (maybe these farmers do know what they are on about?), my initial thought is “this is just like a weak-sauce smoky bacon”.

However, a few seconds later a distinctively paprika flavour comes into play – only ever so gentle, these are certainly not in any meaningful way spicy to anyone used to hot sauces or curries, nor a particularly overpowering crisp, but there it is – a definite chorizo flavour. I’m not enough of an expert to say whether its¬†Kirkby Malham chorizo. I mean, my surname is Kirby, which is quite a lot like Kirkby, and I’ve never heard of Kirkby Malham (unlike Kirkby-in-Ashfield, which I have heard of, one for the fact fans there). I had no idea they were renowned for their chorizo. I suspect that a lot of people in Kirkby Malham don’t know that they are renowned for their chorizo.

All in all, a very respectable crisp, if not one that lived up to the excitement generated by the very smart packet and very specific geographically-sourced flavour.


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