Snack Attack, Vol 2

Space Raiders – Spicy Flavour

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These are a UK classic. 20 pence worth of salty something or another. 20p! In truth I only recently sampled them for the first time. They are basically like a well-sanded Monster Munch. But 20p!

For the price they are, they are surprisingly good. I don’t know if I mentioned, but they are only 20p! “Spicy” is a generous description, but they taste pretty decent, and I imagine that a chilli or two was involved somewhere along the process of creating these strangely smooth objects, shaped like the classic alien face, even if the ingredients list doesn’t mention them directly.

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Biting into them they crunch in a very pleasing way, and for the price, which I should mention is only 20p (!!!), you get a perfectly reasonable portion per bag. The primary ingredient is maize aka corn, and the secondary ingredient is a whopping 22% sunflower oil, so these aren’t exactly a health food, but then how many apples can you buy for 20p?

Incredibly, I’d never even tried these until quite recently when I grabbed a bag for one of my occasional Sunday junk food binges as an afterthought, and while they are far from the Premier League of snacks, they certainly have a case for being the moneyball candidate, providing quite frankly stunning value for money, at 1p per gram of alien-based snack, the 20g bag clocking in at (you guessed it!) 20p!


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