Mixtape Monday, Vol 23

Solid Steel Radio Show – 29/07/2016 – DK

This is an absolutely masterful mix of all manner of electronic music, on one of the great music podcasts, by one of the great underground DJs, DK. I don’t have a lot to add really, other than that I have had this on repeat for days, absolutely superb mix

National Burger Day!

National Burger Day

Lucky Chip know how to take a burger photo

It’s that time of the year.

That time of the year when I decided, on a whim, to attempt the triple chilli challenge at Meat Mission, and didn’t even finish my plate, let alone do it within 10 minutes. Yorkie Josh is clearly a freak of nature (he’s done it in not much above 2 minutes!). I could barely walk for the rest of the night, such was the bowling ball in my stomach thanks to my lack of adequate preparation (ie, maybe don’t eat 2 hours before attempting this challenge).

The Triple Chilli Challenge – Chilli Cheese Fries, Chilli Dog, Green Chilli Cheeseburger

Its that time when burger outlets nationwide offer 20% off their wares. Simply go here, choose your restaurant, fill in the form for the voucher, print out the voucher from the email you get, go stuff your face.

Its that time when grown men starve themselves all day so as to eat a minimum of 6 of the burgers below at Hawker House.


Its that time of the year where burger restaurants out-do each other with weird and wonderful one-day-only creations to moisten the palate and excite the loins of red-blooded men (and women, lets not be sexist here) across the land.

In short, it’s the most wonderful time of the year 🤗🍔

If you see someone at Hawker House with this t-shirt on, come and say hello, as it’s me! I may not be able to reply, as it’s likely I will have a burger in my fat face.


Mixtape Monday, Vol 22

Beats In Space 847 – Marcus Marr

It’s still Monday somewhere! I’ve been a bit sloppy with my Monday posts, but this week I’m just outside the right timezone for this to be legit – my excuse, it was my birthday today!

Anyway, to the music. Marcus Marr is someone I’ve long been a fan of, thanks to his superb disco-tinged productions, especially this cracker.

The mix here is superb. I have this habit of screencapping mixes while I’m listening to them so that a couple of times a week I can go and buy the tracks that stood out for me in the music I’ve been listening to. Most mixes you might get 1 or 2, but this mix clocked in at a hefty 7 screencaps! So get your ear’oles round this bad boy, it really is excellent.

Snack Attack, Vol 5

Boots Shapers – Rendand Curry Flavour Cracker

These were the result of an inexplicable en-route-to-work-hunger-pang-sick-feeling moment. They buried the hunger nausea, but frankly they produced a slightly sickly feeling of their own.

I’m always a little sceptical of flavours like this, but for the sake of Snack Attack I went in for this one as the most interesting option available. Do they taste of Rendang curry? I’m not an expert, but I’d guess they taste like a pair of socks do if they’ve been put in the wash with a jar of Asda own-brand Rendang curry sauce. The crackers themselves are disappointingly un-cracky – more stale rice cake than Popchip (which will be reviewed soon!).

The mention of curry did bring hope for heat. I was disappointed. Maybe a 0.5/10 on the spicy scale.

I’m being a bit melodramatic here maybe, they aren’t terrible. But they certainly aren’t good. The tapioca flour-based crackers clagged up in my teeth without even the satisfaction of leaving little flavour-bombs behind. Seemingly low calorie, but it’s only a 20g packet, which cost 65p if memory serves. I may not have mentioned it, but Space Raiders were just 20p (!!!) For the same size portion. So that’s another reason for disappointment, in a generally disappointing episode.


Snack Attack, Vol 4

Cheetos – Twisted, Flamin’ Hot flavour 

I was a latecomer to the Cheetos party. To be honest, I’m not sure they were even on sale in the UK when I was a wee little lad. We had Wotsits, which I’ve never been much a fan of, much like I’d never much cared for cheese Quavers.

However, Tesco’s recent experimentation with importing novelty American junk food introduced me to a salty snack that blew my tiny mind; Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño. I’ll review those another time.

So when I saw these for 39p (over a pound cheaper than CCCJ’s cost at Tesco), I had to investigate further.

Well, one thing is fo sure. Do not, repeat NOT, attempt to eat these without a glass of water to hand. Not because they are so spicy, although they do pack a relatively satisfactory punch for a mainstream snack. No. It’s because they form some sort of Cheeto-flavoured polyfiller amongst your teeth and gums, which no amount of internal mouth-wrangling will dislodge.

The individual Cheetos basically dissolve into the weird powder/paste they are presumably made from, making for a truly claggy experience. Maybe some people like this. I do not.

The flavour, mercifully, is reasonably pleasant, a gentle hit of chilli and a vague undertone of cheesiness, but overall I have no choice but to award a mediocre score, as I do not enjoy my mouth being turned into some sort of human concrete mixer.