Snack Attack, Vol 1

A new occasional piece I will be doing, where if I see some novel snack on my travels, I try it out and offer my thoughts.

First up, we have *drumroll* – Doritos Ultimate Cheeseburger


People who follow me on instagram or Twitter may have seen me palpitating the other night at finding some new Doritos flavours. Well, the spicy salsa ones were OK, but these… these… these monstrosities… I can only assume they are in a black bag because they taste of the Black Death. “Two flavours destroy one” – I certainly feel like my palate has been destroyed. The scent was innocuous enough, more or less akin to cool original flavour, but the taste…. dear God, that taste…

This always seems to be the case when people have a go at creating a cheeseburger flavoured salty snack. In a sense they succeeded. If you took the corpse of a MacDonalds 99p cheeseburger, reanimated it somehow many years later, and trebled the quantity of pickles, mustard and onion within, you’d have some approximation of what I just ate.

A crime against snacks, an abomination, an absolute disgrace to the Doritos name.


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