Mixtape Monday, Vol 14

David Morales – Live at The Haçienda 11th Birthday Party, Manchester, 1993

After the 8th Birthday Party in 1990

I’ve mentioned the influence of my brothers on my musical tastes in posts on this blog before, and this mix is a great example of what I am talking about. My eldest brother was at Manchester University in the heyday of The Haçienda, Manchester’s legendary nightclub and in many ways the spiritual home of the Acid House movement. One of the nights he attended was this 11th birthday party, with US house legend David Morales amongst the DJs playing – this T-Shirt commemorating the impressive line-up!


I’ll simply borrow the words of my brother’s description over on Soundcloud…

This is a digitised copy of a tape I picked up in 1993, when David Morales played at the Hacienda 11th birthday party. I was actually there that night, Morales played in the basement (not usually open at the Hac) from 4-6am, while Frankie Knuckles played in the main room.


Stripped to the waist, wearing a skull cap & tattooed muscles, Morales played street tough New York City house music, and there’s lessons in here for modern DJs. I know this mix off by heart, and re-listening to it 21 years later, I can say it’s still fresh.


This particular night at The Hacienda has gone down in legend – for the wrong reasons. The club was full of local gangsters, taking watches from wrists and starting fights. These were the ‘gunchester’ days, you had to keep your head down.


Listen to the mix – at the end the record abruptly ends, starts again and then ends. This was when Morales was being mugged by a pack of ‘scallies’ – I myself witnessed them hit him on the head with a glass, lean over the decks and take his vinyl.


This episode was written up in Peter Hook’s excellent book – ‘How Not To Run A Club’. Apparently after the incident Morales said “you don’t pay me enough to bleed”….


Luckily you can now enjoy from the safety of your own home!!


Rave on 🙂

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