Mixtape Monday, Vol 7

Heavy Warmup Vol 5 : DJ 7L

After last week’s trip down a distinctly non-dancey alleyway, here we make our way back to the club, with Boston’s DJ 7L, a guy I was familiar with through his work as half of DJ 7L & Esoteric back in my days as a straight up hip hop DJ. This is a recording from a hotel gig, and is a lovely balance of familiar melodies and beats, curveballs, instrumentals, blends and so on. Just a good DJ mixing good music, as it should be. It’s a superb mix, perfect for getting the juices flowing, just as a good warm-up should!

It’s been put out there as part of T&A‘s Heavy Warmup series, which I highly recommend, and the T&A guys (particularly DJ Ayres y’all) are very much part of the legendary The Rub crew – their history of hip hop mixes are absolutely essential listening.

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