Here we go again…

We’re just over a month into 2016, and its the usual parade of hopeful resolutions and cynical resignation as we all face up to whatever flaws our minds dare acknowledge. Well, the good news is that it is possible to change habits, build new ones, abandon destructive old ones. I mean, I’m not a great example of this, but I’m told that it happens.

Anyway, here’s some resources you might find handy on your road to a better you. – dead simple app to try and form or break habits. Can be set up to be daily, x amount of days per week and so on. Has really helped me make certain things part of my daily routine.

screen322x572.jpeg – exercise and diet tracker, absolutely brilliant, highly recommended if you want to be more conscious of what you put in your body (fnarr fnarr!). The only pitfall is simply stopping using it, which tends to happen when you fall off the wagon, which is kind of ironic I guess seeing as that’s when you need it most. So you need to be disciplined and log everything, bad or good. It saves things you’ve logged before, so eventually it doesn’t take long at all to do. If you are trying to lose weight, its basically a battle of more calories burnt than you allow in, this helps you achieve that by putting the facts in front of you about how many calories are in your meals and drinks, and logging them for you. I’ve lost about 6kg this January with the help of this, despite indulging my burger and pizza lust plenty in 2016!

myfitnesspal-screen-shot.png – meditation app, short and sweet guided mindfulness meditations, really nicely put together. I liked this enough that I ended up buying the full version, and a lot of my friends are keen users too. I would still recommend periodically visiting group and guided sessions/classes if you have access to them (I’m lucky enough to live near the London Buddhist Centre), but its a great intro into a very helpful tool for coping with the incessant buzzbuzzbuzz of modern life!

Screenshot-2015-09-27-17.14.10.png – Nike running app, I’ve used Strava and MapMyRun in the past, but for whatever reason settled on this as my running tracker of choice for now. Seems more accurate than either so far, and Strava seems more geared up for cyclists (no pun intended). And despite being a 37 year old man, it is quite nice having athletes patronise me at the end of a work out for dragging my fat arse round Victoria Park at a snail’s pace. Also, much amusement can be had with the GPS mapper if you are as much of a child-at-heart as I am.

133700 – dead simple pedometer app to leave running in background on your phone, really encourages you to walk more. Does drain your battery a little, but nothing too terrible. Only major downside is that I feel utterly, utterly cheated if for some reason its off or my battery runs out while I’m out and about.


If anyone knows of any other gems, apps or websites, please let me know!


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